Thank you very much for the purchase! Remember that if you need any help or have any questions, feel free to ask! There are several ways to contact us at the bottom of this email.

Here is some info that will help you set the box up and tell you how to use it.

I know that instructions are for wussies, but you really will get much more out of the box, if you read these completely!

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There’s a ton of info that you can search for on Google or YouTube to make changes to and customize the box to better suit your needs.

Do not put the box on top of, or below a receiver or sound bar. It’s fine if it’s near it, just do not put it on top or below a speaker or sound bar. There are magnets in those devices that can erase the chips in this box!

When you hook the box up, you will have to connect it to your internet. If you are using an Ethernet direct cable connection to your modem, which is the cat 5 cable that goes from your modem to the back of the box, you simply plug that wire in to the modem and the other end to the box, and wait for the time and date to correct on your screen. If you wish to connect using WiFi, go to “settings” on the android screen and then network, in order to connect to your WiFi. Click the on screen WiFi box and find your Wifi network and then enter the password for your WiFi network.

You’ll want to make sure that the time and date are correct before you open Kodi. When you connect your box to the Internet, the time and date will automatically self-correct. You do not have to set the time. If the time and date don’t correct on their own, there is an issue with the internet connection.

The software that’s on the box is Kodi (Your icon may say Kodi, Estuary, or it may have a circle with a “T” in it, or it may say TVMC or KD Player, depending on which box that you purchased.)

After you open the Kodi application, wait about 90 secs for the temperature to show up on the top left weather icon. When you see that, then Kodi has connected to your internet. Then you can go to the Videos add ons tab. There you will see all of the installed add-ons. If you open an add in before the internet connects, that add on isn’t going to work.

Adult Hideout, Erotik (XXX), XXX-O-Dos, VideoDevil, Mr Skin, Showbox and Ultimate White Cream are the adult add-ons. They are disabled by default. To reenable them, go to the system tab in Kodi and click ok, then go down to add ons menu and click ok, click “my add ons”, then click video add ons. Then find the add ons that you want to reenable and click on it, then press enable. This will make them show back up in the videos, add ons list.

There are many other add-ons inside of Kodi that you can see by clicking “Movies,” and then the “Video add ons” tab on the main kodi screen, and you can find just about anything you’d want, pretty easily.

When you want to find a channel or program, you can google the name of the channel or name of the show and Kodi (for example search Google for “Discovery channel on Kodi”), and you’ll get instructions to find or install an add-on to view it.

Do not power off the box or pull the power cord out while the Kodi app is running. If you plan to move the box to another location, you’ll need to shut the Kodi app down first. To shut Kodi down: At the bottom left of the Kodi screen, there is a star and then the power button. Click the power button, then a menu will pop up, click exit. It may take about a minute to shut down after you click exit. Wait until Kodi has completely shut down and you are back at the Android home screen, it is then safe to pull out the plug or power it off.

If your Kodi application ever gets stuck in a “working” loop, do not pull the plug out! Instead press the “home” key on your remote (or the small “e” button under the home button on the keyboard remote), then go to settings, then more settings, then go to apps, then go to Kodi and then click “Force stop”, then click ok. Then exit from the settings menu and reopen Kodi.

If the voices don’t match the mouths while you are watching something, click the ok button on the remote while the movie or show is running, and a small menu will pop up along the bottom of the screen. Scroll right in that menu almost all the way to the right and there is a speaker icon. Click ok on that speaker icon and a new menu will pop up. Scroll down to “audio offset”, click ok and a small scale will show on the screen. You can adjust this while the show is running until it is just right. When it’s correct, click ok again and scroll down to “set as default for all media”, then click ok on that and then select yes. It will now be saved for all add-ons.

If you experience frequent buffering, pausing, freezing or other similar issues, it’s either your internet connection, or it could be that particular servers connection to the Internet. Test your speeds (See below). The box needs a minimum of 15 Mbps of download speed to function properly.

To test your speeds, go under the programs/maintenance tab in Kodi and run the Arnu Box Speedtest add on. There is also a Speedtest app on the Android home screen, outside of Kodi.

Educational discount internet packages, most phone hotspots and the free xfinitywifi hotspots, will NOT work this box! They simply are not fast enough. Additionally, if you connect the box to a phone or other hotspot and you have a data limit, you WILL go over your data limit!

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Here’s a video on how to use the Dolamee D5 box, and Kodi on any of our boxes:

If you purchased a keyboard remote, there is a small USB receiver inside of the package or inside of the battery pack of the remote. You must plug this small USB receiver into the android box in order for the remote to work.

If you have any issues at all, don’t hesitate to contact us!